A desktop port of Snapdrop made using electron, which allows filesharing functionality. Inspired by Apple's Airdrop. Has builds for Windows, Mac OS, and, Linux

A desktop port of the children's programming application Scratch Jr with updated dependencies. Has builds for Windows, Mac OS, and, Linux

A website that displays the grading distribution of professors at Queens College built with NodeJS and Google Cloud Firestore available at https://qc-prof-stat.web.app

An attempt to replicate the functions of a social media web application using NodeJS web server and mongo DB database

Collaborated with a team as participants in Lehman Hackathon Fall 2019 and created a service, built with Flask (Python) as a backend and HTML, CSS, JavaScript as a frontend, called Don’t Stray Behind to help people bring strays to animal shelters

Developed an Android Application Written in Java that calculates tip amount based on a user’s input

Developed a program in C++ with QT and an Android (Java) Port that calculates a user’s age using their date of birth and the current system date